Scorpio SKS-15 Review

When it comes to SKS and SKS chassis, we’re a bit spoiled in Canada. We’ve been importing SKSs more recently than the US and still have a decent supply of inexpensive ones coming into the country, so we have lots of aftermarket parts and kits for them. The Scorpio SKS-15 by Kodiak Defence and North […]

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What we're trying to prevent

How to Test for Corrosive Ammo

Here’s a quick step by step to test if ammo is corrosive, and test your cleaning system against it. Preparation A nail bed is a series of nails in a piece of wood that you’ll use as your sacrificial metal to check for corrosion. Clean off steel (non galvanized, non aluminum) nails that have enough […]

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Browning A5 Loading Port job 3 gun

Browning A5 for 3 Gun

My Stoeger M3500 is so easy to load, but reliability has been a bit hit or miss. The long, 3.5″ inertial action cycles with 3.5″ goose loads just fine, but struggled with lighter weight target loads, so I was looking at a new shotgun. I ended up buying a Browning A5 Stalker and wanted to […]

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Action right side

WR762 Review: A Canadian VZ58/CZ858?

Here in Canada, a recent (2014) ban on CZ858 rifles as converted autos and then subsequent amnesty on owning those guns has introduced some potential risk to future “take backsies”. Canadians love the VZ58 pattern rifles and want more in country, so West Rifle and Kodiak Defense came up with the WR762: West Rifle 7.62. […]

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3 gun belt

3-Gun in Canada

I couldn’t find a lot of starter info on gearing up for 3-gun competition as practiced here in Canada, so I thought I’d put together a ton of info specific to Canada as I found it. Don’t care about shotguns and pistols? Check out my article on Canadian Service Conditions Competition. Disclaimer: I’m just an […]

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Savage 64 Review

The Savage 64 is a semi automatic 22LR. Previously known as the Cooey 64, Winchester-Cooey 64, and Lakefield 64B, the Savage 64 is an inexpensive rimfire rifle that has been around for decades. Savage is bringing out its new A22 design that will compete with the Model 64, so we may not see too many […]

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