Top 10 non restricted black rifles in Canada

*Editor’s Note: June 13th, 2016. I know a lot of visitors are reading this article to better understand Canadian gun laws and what firearms we can legally own in the wake of the Florida shooting that happened on Sunday morning. I’d argue that you’re looking at the wrong cause but if I can convince you to spend 5 minutes reading more information, I’d highly encourage you to check out my article on Canadian Gun Stats and my article on twisting gun stats.

Black rifles, some hunters love em, some hate em, but we’ve undeniably benefited from the technology gleaned from them and some of them make for handy hunting rifles. I’d love to take my AR15 out hunting, especially considering all the cool AR15 parts we can get in Canada, but I can’t because it’s restricted. (See my top 10 restricted firearms list if you’re looking for restricted) I thought I’d count down the top 10 non restricted black rifles in Canada. Some of these would be great for deer, while others would be fantastic little coyote blasters.

Norinco M14S Shorty

#1: Norinco M14S or M305

The Norinco M14s is one of the rifles that makes our American compatriots green with envy. For a mere $600-$700, we can get a 308 semi automatic rifle that’s built for reliability and can be tuned for accuracy. While the fit, finish, and head spacing can be on the rough side, the forged receivers are worth the price all on their own. Copies come in shorty 18.5″ barrels and regular 22″ barrels. While the original style M14 was laid in a nice wood stock, recent imports of the Norinco are all in practical black synthetic stocks, qualifying them as our #1 non-restricted black rifle in Canada.

Strengths: cheap, can be accurate, powerful enough for deer and other big game, great aftermarket support, cheap magazines.

Weaknesses: factory headspace commonly quite generous, expensive scope mounts, accuracy enhancing aluminum stocks are heavy, barrels indexing can be off on some, the manual safety sucks.

Who sells Norinco M14s: Cabela’s, Calgary Shooting CentreWolverine Supplies, FOC, Bullseye London, and many local gun stores.

IWI Tavor

#2 Tavor TAR-21 or X95

Another rifle we had access to before the Americans but now are made state-side. The Canadian Tavors are almost all Israeli made with a barrel length that satisfies non-restricted status. The Tavor is a high quality bullpup that has seen rave reviews here and in the US. If you want to see it in action, check out Jerry Miculek’s video review.

Strengths: High quality bullpup rifle, common STANAG magazine well, very compact, easy field strip, decent ergonomics, extremely sexy, decent accessories available, very reliable.

Weaknesses: the trigger pull sucks, may have issues with PMAGs, quite expensive.

Who sells Tavors in Canada: Cabela’s,  Wolverine Supplies, Tenda,

T97 Right side

#3 Norinco Type 97 does a flat top upper for the original T97, there’s a V2 T97 that includes a flat top from the factory, and also has an upgraded lower.

Strengths: Cheap bullpup, early reports indicate very good accuracy of 2-4 MOA, may replace pistol carbines for non-restricted fun, flat side feels great when slung.

Weaknesses: Bullpup triggers usually aren’t as great as others, ergonomics on mag release/safety are pretty bad, carry handle and top charger design precludes a decently low optics mount (solution now available), no forward rails, not ambidextrous, some mags are very tight/impossible to get in.

Who sells the Norinco T97: Cabela’s regular, Cabela’s with FTU, Al Flaherty’s, Wolverine Supplies, FOC, Tenda.

#4 BCL 102

Accurate by all accounts, AR10-ish, and Canadian made, the Black Creek Labs (BCL) 102 is a semi automatic 308 platform rifle.

Strengths: Some users are getting excellent accuracy, uses many AR components and therefore has excellent ergonomics and flexibility. Inexpensive for the Canadian market

Weaknesses: It’s a relatively new rifle.

Who sells RFBs: SFRC, local gun stores as well.


#5 Robinson XCR

Likely the most ergonomic black rifle available in Canada, the XCR is a modern sport rifle that blends a lot of the advanced in technology over the more recent times.

Strengths: Modular design, nice long top rail, folding or telescoping stock, available in 308 in the XCR-M or 223 in the XCR-L, easy cleaning piston driven system, adjustable gas, ambidextrous, uses STANAG magazines in 223, very nice trigger, cool bolt release.

Weaknesses: It’s twice the cost of a high end AR15, front heavy compared to an AR (now resolved with new variants), some owners have issues with accuracy.

Who sells the XCR: Wolverine SuppliesCalgary Shooting Centre, and Cabelas.

Ruger Mini-14

#6 Ruger Mini 14

A black rifle that might get you a pass with your more traditional hunting buddies. I’ve owned them in the past, and I know my readers would be ticked off if I didn’t include the original mini 14 in this top 10.

Strengths: Low maintenance design, simple reciprocating charging handle, several models available, plenty of aftermarket support, new target model is supposed to be decently accurate, and the Mini Thirty is upsized for 7.62×39 fun.

Weaknesses: The old style mini 14 is **edit: supposed to be inaccurate**, new style rear sights may shake loose without locktite, non-STANAG mags, action is a bit outdated compared to more modern designs.

Who sells Mini 14’s in Canada: Cabela’s, iRunGuns, and more.

Chinese Type 81

Chinese Type 81

#7 Type 81

The wait is over, and they’re in Canada now. The Chinese Type 81 is in Canada as the T81SA, imported by Tactical Imports. Semi automatic, 7.62x39mm.

Strengths: Inexpensive AK mags can be modified to use, safety is in the right spot, pretty beefy action, cheaper than some of the other AK-ish rifles, last shot bolt hold open.

Weaknesses: Because it’s new, there isn’t much aftermarket for it yet, longer action than the VZ58, no option for scopes, short sight radius.

Who sells Type 81’s in Canada?: Tactical Imports, places that stock TI stuff.

Canada VZ 58

The WR762 is non restricted in Canada

#8 CZ858’s,  VZ58’s, WR762

As close as you can get to owning an AK in Canada other than the Type 81 or a Valmet, the CZ858 and CSA VZ58’s are a semi-automatic 7.62×39. There are also versions in 5.56, but I think if you get a rifle like this, you GOTTA get it in the original calibre.

Strengths: Pretty good aftermarket support from companies like Zahal, CTC Supplies, SFRC, etc, very reliable action, I’ve found them more accurate than SKS’s.

Weaknesses: All long-barrel versions are NR again. Short barrel versions are still Restricted. Still kinda hard to scope, though the CZ 958 Hunter should solve that by using a receiver with a built-in picatiny rail on top.

Who sells them: West Rifle, Frontier FirearmsKelly’s, Al Flaherty’s.

JR Carbine 9mm right side

#9 JR Carbine

I might have been tempted to add the SUB-2000, but I thought I had enough Kel Tec and I needed some variety. The JR carbine in 9mm or 40S&W would make for a great little rabbit or gopher gun.

Strengths: Very accessory friendly, front rail system, standard rear buttstock assembly, common magazines, high build quality, reliable.

Weaknesses: Heavier than the Sub-2000, I’ve heard of some issues with the more powerful cartridges, no last round bolt hold open, weird mag release, factory trigger isn’t that great (but can be easily upgraded),

Who sells them: Cabela’s, Bullseye London and more.


#10 Famae SG 542

I had to include another 308, because I realized my list was lacking in deer rifle options. This Chilean-built, SIG-designed rifle will definitely turn some heads.

Strengths: Easy take-down, decently accurate, top rail available, fixed and folding stocks available, choice of black or green, adjustable gas regulator, piston driven, decent iron sights.

Weaknesses: Pretty expensive, few aftermarket parts, pretty mean on brass.

Who sells them: The Shooting CentreTactical Imports

Honorable Mention:

  • B&T APC223
  • SKS with some aftermarket goodies
  • H&K SL8-4
  • Benelli MR1
  • Thureon Defense GA Carbine
  • ATRS’s Modern Hunter
  • Kriss Vector
  • Bushmaster ACR with long barrel added on or the precision version that comes with a NR length barrel from the factory
  • Swiss Arms PE90 (Black/Green Special) I’ll re-instate this one once it’s passed its RCMP review.  **Update Feb 26, 2014: This rifle has been reclassified by the RCMP as prohibited.  **Update August 2015: As per passed bill C-42, the Swiss Arms is now NR again.
  • Valmet Hunter
  • Robinson Arms M96
  • CX4 Storm.

TNW Aero Survival Rifle



Scorpio SKS-15



Troy PAR 308

Troy PAR 308

Disagree with my choices? Did I miss a quintessential Canadian black rifle? Let me know in the comments?

  • Sim

    Great Article. Keep them coming

  • Alex

    Do you know if the RFB can be taken into Canada for hunting purposes? It is the hunting version with the 24″ barrel and will have pinned 5 round magazines.

  • I’ve seen the 24″ version around, but I believe that the 18.5″ Canadian version is in greater supply.

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    Benelli mr1 might deserve an honorable mention aswell…

  • #3 on the list of honorable mentions!

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  • I updated the article last night with the info that they’ve been moved to prohib, but I disagree with you on what to do about it. The gov’t is implementing a 5 year grace period. There are lots of possibilities for solutions in that kind of time. Replacing receivers, getting a partial refund from the retailers, or even a radical changes in gun laws. See Calibre Magazine’s take on this:

  • Rob

    Hi there, thanks so much for the information and for updating the site with the new prohibited status of those two rifles. I only wonder where they will stop….

  • TrOuBLeDbOy

    What is the logic behind this ban? Weren’t they ok for the longest time? What made them change their minds?

  • Rico Boudreau

    It’s unfor

  • Rico Boudreau

    Because they can. It really sucks…

  • If AR’s were unrestricted, I wouldn’t have much need for this list.

  • Rico Boudreau

    Hear, hear.

  • Huhi

    They’re Restricted If U Want The 30 Round Mag, Its Non Restricted If U Get The 5 Shot Mag Pinn(Im 99% Sure)

  • ChrisR.

    Ar-15 are restricted with a 5rd mag, a 30rd mag would be illegal/prohibited. All rifles in Canada are legally allowed to hold a capacity of 5 rounds. Guns like the JR carbine or the kriss vector are nice because they fire pistol rounds and then you can have a capacity of 10.

  • AR-15’s are named as restricted, regardless of any other measure. And like Chris said, semi-automatic rifle magazines are restricted to 5 rounds for the cartridge they’re designed to use, regardless if they’re to be used in a restricted or non restricted firearm. If you have a 30 round AR mag and you’re not a member of our military/police, you probably have a prohibited device.

  • Zak

    how about a thureon defence carbine? mines in 45acp, non restricted, its much like the JR…

  • Added, thanks for the reminder!

  • Roger

    Cz858 was definitely one that should have been on the list – affordable, ergonomic, lightweight, reliable, and accurate, with lots of aftermarket support. CSA still makes a non-restricted, non-prohib version, but it’s not as cheap, not as reliable, in my experience. With the RCMP’s recent prohibition decision, though, a lot of people are now shying away from them.

  • It *was* on the list, but a reader pointed out that other readers may find it difficult to figure out what they’re getting. Between that, and the 2 year amnesty for existing owners of models found to be prohib, I’d rather wait it out and see what happens in the interim before re-instating it into the list.

  • Guest

    You could always get a Norinco Cq-a right?

  • They’re an AR-15 variant and so, restricted 🙁

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    CSA VZ58?

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    you know how to talk proper English ? guns sucks — Really ? I have a feeling this shows your intellect. And stay of the gun sites if you don’t like guns okss..

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    Because Canadians are to conforming and will never stand up to the government and say NO MORE !! The government here just wants to take away all our freedoms until there is nothing left. I really wish there was more kids like you to ask these questions. But its not about logic its about CONTROL…. I hope some day all of us stand up to the government and YOU WORK FOR US !!! We don’t work for you !! And tell them we don’t need you !! Don’t need you to hold our hands !! We don’t need you to do our thinking for us !! Leave things alone. If its not broke Don’t fix it !!

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    Your out to lunch!! Please do your research before you open your gaping hole

  • Dave

    Uhh, the CZ858 is being reclassed, not the VZ58.

  • Awaken Evil

    Glad I am in the good ole USA and able to buy my AK47s and AR15s

  • Thanks for the clarification Dave, I’ve updated info in the article to make it easier for people to reference.

  • As far as I understand, some of the Swiss were full auto-based receivers, while the CZ858’s were deemed converted autos. The 858 one is especially messed up, because they were permanently modified at the factory with hard face welding, which as far as I know, means they’re extremely difficult to return to original.

  • Added into honorable mentions list, thanks for the recommendation!

  • I don’t really mind not having AK47’s, as the CSA VZ58 is pretty close, but I’d love to use my AR-15 to hunt coyotes.

  • Awaken Evil

    So is the AR15 whats illegal or is the 30rd mag?

  • AR15’s are restricted, which means they go to the range and back, and that’s it. Our mags are generally limited to 5, but pistol mags go to 10, bolt action rifle mags aren’t limited, and beowulf mags go even further. We can still hunt coyotes with ACR’s, XCR’s, and a pile of other rifles very similar to the AR-15, just not an AR-15. The laws are pretty convoluted. Matt has a decent video on magazine capacity:

  • H-tech1911

    Will the .50 Beowulf mag. fit in a Type-97?

  • With some filing of the spine of the mag or magwell.

  • Jessejames77

    Really good article. Thank you. Very informative and simple. Cheers.

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    VZ-58 nAR-180nValmet sniper or hunters

  • Added!

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    You suck! Don’t look at these sights if you don’t like the tools of our trade. I can pick any other sport and troll it to pieces and make false numbers to show that even needlepoint is dangerous, so quit hiding behind an anonymous pseudo-name and enjoying the liberties of cyber anonymity!

  • Stan

    Same here. Weighted my Yugo m70 against my VZ….vz feels like a girly rifle. Yugo one is built like a tank and is yet to let me down-only 1 jam out of the box, on the first round. The VZ on the other hand…yea its been a problem. I had to send it in to century already!. But i couldnt pass up the deal when they had them for 299$ last year from Centerfire. Even the nade launcher is fun to play around with on the Yugo..while the vz has nothing like it. AK>VZ is my opinion.

  • Pavmentsurfer

    How can you not have the VZ-58 on that list… and way near the top for that matter? Closest thing to an AK we can get and non restricted to boot. IMO, a serious oversight for this list.

  • Pavmentsurfer

    The VZ-58 is cheaper than %75 of the guns on that list and is not and will not be re-classified. It is not included in the recent prohibitions because it is a different gun. To whoever posted its not as reliable as the CZ858… you must not have ever owned one. In bone stock factory form they are MORE reliable thanks to a tabbed bolt. Keltec SU-16 or JR Carbine before a VZ 58… common… really? Theres no way those 2 guns deserve to be on a top 10 list of black rifles in canada but the VZ gets an honourable mention. Furthermore, the M14 being at the top of the list shows bias for that gun. Sure, its a black rifle, but it shoots 308 rounds that are expensive. To put it at the top over the Tavor or T-97 makes no sense. It should be on the list, but IMO, definitely not at the top.

  • Doug

    SL8 as Honorable Mention?? MEH! I own an SL8-5, and a few more on your list (M305, mini 14) And can’t believe its not ON the list! It is by far the most accurate semi-auto rifle i’ve ever shot/owned, and i’d argue it may be the most accurate you can buy, out of the box. Not to mention its H&K quality! Simple design, and super reliable. Crazy man, Crazy…. 😉

  • BPMF

    I am just curious as to why the Thureon Defense GA Carbine was just an honorary mention? It seems like it may be more accurate and an easier breakdown than the JRC 9mm. Does anyone know if the new versions of either of these carbines is the better purchase for a hobbyist?

  • realvz.

    I craved a Tavor for years but when I went to gunshop and held the $2750.00 tar21 then the $1000.00 vz 58 I couldn’t justify the former. I spent $400.00 in upgrades. Now it’s done and the new handguard are reminiscent of tar 21 IMO. Very happy. First gun. Done my style.

  • The VZ’s are a lot of fun and I love 7.62×39. Did you get a decent cheek weld with that optic or did it need a cheek riser?

  • paul smith

    Filing the mag is illegal… don’t do that…

  • Can you reference the legislation that says that? A .50 Beowulf magazine is built to fit a STANAG Magwell, filing for fit isn’t drastically modifying the functionality of the mag.

  • Wolfsbane

    Ironically the SG542 is basically a AK re-engineered by the Swiss. Much better than the original but costs a lot more.

    A lot of these Canadian regulations seem haphazard. There’s a bunch of rifles you have available that are the equivalent of an AR15.and AR10. I’d think it’s because it’s so easy to swap a really short barrel on to an AR. .

    The only things I’d like to see here in the US are the cheap Norinco rifles which are executive ordered out by Bush I in retaliation for supplying ballistic missile tech to Iran.

    There’s a bunch of things you can get cheaply in Canada, that either we can’t get or are hideously expensive here in the States.

  • Wolfsbane

    The problem is that it’s a Century and not a Czechpoint. There’s a reason it cost 1/3 the price. A VZ58 is basically a reengineered Stg44. I’d take one over a AK any day.

  • Wolfsbane

    Yes they do! It really sucks when someones pointing one at you and taking your money and you can’t do jack.

  • Specimen Yarp

    Find an adult to teach you the difference between your and you’re.

  • Tim

    I recently got the kel tec sub 2000 and absolutely love it, even stock . It never has issues and it is quite accurate and very easy to re-aquire targets with. Also a huge bonus is the fact it can have 10 round mags unlike many other semi auto .

  • Tim

    Also I had the type 97 and personally didn’t like it much as the mag release and the safety were in really awkward places. Also it spit a lot of excess gas into my face and eyes when I shot it. Also its terrible for left handed shooters.

  • Gabriel Solomon

    What the…
    So when someone’s pointing a gun at you, you think you’re able to take out your gun and point it at them before you’re shot dead?

  • Anon

    AR15’s are unrestricted if they come with a factory barrel longer than 18″, as well bolt action mags are limited to 5 rounds the same as any rifle

  • Wrong on all points. AR15’s and variants are named specifically in the regs as restricted, regardless of barrel length. As for your bolt action limit, the regulations are a bit more complex but just by themselves, bolt action centerfire rifles are not limited to 5 round mags. See: Millions of Enfield 303’s, Tactical rifles with bigger mags (Savage, Remington , Accurate Mag, etc).

  • Wolfsbane

    Why would you need to take out the gun?

    Reach into coat pocket, grasp grip, turn muzzle in their direction and fire. Bullets go through cloth. At two to four feet, you’ll easily hit them.

  • Gabriel Solomon

    my point was, how well can your gun protect you if you already have one pointed at you? Good luck not being dead if you think you can be all sneaky while a gun is pointed at you.

  • NuVoiceOfFreedom

    I have played around with a few M305 rifles and the first one was fired over 2500 times and was going as strong as ever… I know people that own every rifle on the list and all are overall happy with them. The one I want is the TAR 21 I love them they are sexy mean.

  • Tom

    Yea, but Anything that is “commonly known” as a lee enfield is specifically named as being limited to 10 rounds. This is because there is a semi auto conversion for the Lee enfields. This regulation is what stopped us from having unlimited mags in what is an m14 clone (ie m1a, m305 etc). AIA (Australian international arms) made a modern bolt action Enfield. The magazines for their enfield will fit into the m14 type rifles. Since the regulation limits bolt action Enfields to 10 rounds, we can use 10 rounds in the m14 as long as you are using an AIA mag. If that gun wasn’t called an enfield and the mag would of fit. We could of had as many rounds as desired.

  • jimjangles

    canada is replete with libtards 🙁 only bangers can get guns

  • Wolfsbane

    Real world case in evidence: Thug with a gun AND two accomplices try to rob armed citizen hero.

    Result: Thug dead and hundreds of his potential future victims will now never be robbed by him. His accomplices will likely go to prison. That will cut down the number of people they will be able to rob in their lifetime. Guns are the penicillin to infection of criminals.

  • Corey

    5 round max for any rifle

    Ar looks *aggressive* and has been used in many shootings so they deem it like a Devils gun so they stay in restricted.

    Barrel length usually decides this

  • CanadianBaconAbootTime

    Lol, holy turd burgers you poor bastards. These are some of the worst looking clones ive ever seen. Kel-tec is an extremely low quality brand stateside. A bullpup? Ugh…. You guys should pack up and run south.

  • CanadianBacon

    Your right, its better to remain a defeatist victim and let the bullies of the world have their way with you. You might live.
    BTW: If you can’t see a threat approaching you’ve already lost 90% of the battle.

  • George

    Does it seem strange to anybody else that Canadians can own a rifle that Americans can’t? We can buy Garands or pay a lot more for a Springfield or if you have deep pockets a machine gun but we aren’t allowed to have an affordable Chinese knock off when everything else is made in China.

  • Jp

    Not every rifle, I got 10 round box mags for my bolt action rifle and also, I have 30 round mags for my semi auto 22 with a 16 inch barrel. All are completely legal

  • Jp

    There is no limit to the magazine capacity for semi-automatic rim-fire long guns, or for other long guns that are not semi-automatics, with some exceptions. See also Special Bulletin for Businesses No. 72, Maximum Permitted Magazine Capacity. Taken from rcmp website

  • CivilRightsNOW
  • Blake Newton

    I’d put the VZ at the top of the list. Accurate. Quick and way,WAY better than any AK. I have a few SKS’s, a Ruger Mini 30, a SVT used a few armalites and C1’s (FN’s). My VZ is as solid as a rock, shoots well and very quickly. I’ve never used Model 97s , or T

  • Terry Sobkowich

    There are “pistols in .223” a magazine for them would also hold 10.
    A pistol mag for the .50 Beowulf would hold around 13 .223 rounds
    and also may fit in your rifle legally.
    Its the magazines that are limited as to the rounds they intended to hold (5 for a rifle mag and 10 for a pistol mag) not the firearm themselves.

  • A rifle mag for 50 Beowulf holds 13-15 rounds of 223. A pistol mag would be full, 30 round capacity I believe. It’d be nice for someone to make one of those!

  • DK

    AR15s are restricted but not illegal, yiu just need the proper licence.

  • Robin Saumure

    Not a conversion there were something like 17 riffles built in 1943 as prototypes 7 of witch were shipped to north America for testing. Those riffles were listed as Lee enfields but were built as semi auto. so the law is there for collectors mainly.

  • Andrew Milam

    I apologize to my Canadian friends for the way things are! Here’s to hoping the U.S. never goes this route!

  • sinbad

    The Kriss Vector should be on the list before that Plastic Kel Tec Su 16 and RFB.

    Also the beowulf mags fit the T97 no problem at least the metal ones do.

    Also If and when bill c 42 goes through CZ 858 goes back to it’s original non restricted class according to what I’ve read

  • Cz 858 and Swiss arms have been put back into their original classification of Non-restricted….as they should be!!!!! Both great choices.

  • jos ralph

    have you not heard of the Modern Hunter???????
    AR10 non-restricted

  • cvic

    Barrel length has nothing to do with it. It’s the loewers that are restricted. Buy an ar lower put a 26 inch barrel and it’s still restricted

  • Scott Sutton

    The Price quoted in this article for the M14s is off by a couple hundred dollars 🙁

  • Good point, the price has really gone up since I originally wrote the article. I updated the price in the article.

  • DC

    Dont forget about the .50 beuwolf magazine filled with 223 bullets avenue.

  • kek


  • Chad Erik Perrodin

    What about .45 acp’s 1911 style traditional length taurauses?

  • Chad Erik Perrodin

    How many , if there us a limit, long arms can one own?

  • I don’t believe there’s a limit.

  • Canadaisfucked

    Hey I just wanted to ask if my brand toilet paper is legal in Canada, because if Canada gets any more pussyfied im going to shit myself. So I can have tavor but I can’t have a 22 purse gun in my car? If there’s one thing Canada’s good at is backwards law and protecting its prized criminals who have more rights than any one. Wake up you fucking pussys, you give a fucking 16 yr old chink a license for his mazarati so he can go mow down a group of ppl but you won’t let us have aks. WTF head in ass syndrome is rabbid here.whos writing these laws? Is every law maker in Canada fucking high? I can’t carry a knife? Protect the crack head and junky because his life is worth more than a propper citizen remeber!

  • Canadaisfucked

    Also Canadians are so brave they love giving the middle finger in traffic, guess what, iv shot 3 of you, keep up the road rage im ready for number 4

  • .308 51st State

    Yes, our gun laws are pretty absurd at times. The Armi Jager AP-80 round-up pretty much illustrates that the inmates are running the asylum.

    On another note… Just my opinion, but was it a requirement to be uglier than sin to make this top ten list? With the exception of the CZ858 and the Mini 14 I would have to store them all in paper bags so that no one turned to stone when looking at them. I don’t understand why so many guns looks like cheap bulky plastic toys these days. Hopefully it is a fad.

  • tophat1234

    We can buy ar-15’s in Canada lol.

  • Daniel Morais

    there always be idiot with guns, and always idiot with no guns that think they will disarm someone with a gun bare handed these are the one that get shot faster than thand the one that is arme and well train. even then cops with all there training get shot. most of time for tikets. For me passing laws to ban gun wont change anythig Cruel but true. Ho! Sorry if my writing my be “/$%”/$%”

  • Chigwalla

    There is no limit to the number of firearms nor the amount of ammo one can own.

  • breck

    To Canadaisfucked, sure can tell your an american……………loser. Spend all your money on alcohol and guns to make your penis look bigger in your mind. Probably why you beat your wife and kids on a Sunday. Yes,american spelled with a small a,but should be spelled with a capital to emphasize how big an ASS your are:0) and have a good day idiot.

  • Hofer

    Actually the valment is the closest to an AK and being non restricted. How don’t you know this? They’re caper than the xcr or at least I’ve see them.

  • Yep

    Lol he used it incorrectly, and then correctly in the same sentence.

  • David Marshall Ji

    About that 5 round limit, it only apply to centerfire, ther is no limit on rim fire even if it’s semiautomatic

  • justsayin mipeese

    OK ALL the AMERICANS shut up and all the kids go to bed. Canadian gun laws specifically prohibit you from using a gun as a primary means of defence. So all those debating who gets held up and turning what in what direction or all the clint eastwoods with the steely eyes and the lightening reflexes get the hell off. FYI the guy who said guns suck has a total right to express his opinion here just like all the ignorant “heros”. I like guns. I also absolutely love our gun laws. Just contrast what we have as a society to what the americans have. I like the fact that I do not have to fear walking down the street at 2 am. Many want the laws relaxed to the point where our “gun rights” are like those of americans. No I will do the tests and the background checks and the licensing and wait just so the next kook does not walk into a school and kill YOUR kids and mine, thank you very much.
    Anyway be safe at the range and in the forest. Enjoy the sport and its not practice to kill people as a recent article suggested ,at least not for me…anymore.

  • justsayin mipeese

    kind of a bit silly don’t you think. You all buy massive amounts of guns to protect yourselves while talking shit about Canada which actually has that safety which you crave because we restrict guns. Most intelligent people would make the connection, not Americans. The irony escapes you I bet.

  • hardedge

    Not when Hilary gets in…:-)

  • Ian

    Semiauto centerfire s are limited ti 5rds with few exceptions (one exception example is a Just right Carbine designed to use Glock pistol mags so 10rds is ok in that) and virtually all rimfires don’t have magazine capacity restrictions but again there are a few exceptions. Any rifle not semiauto (bolt action, pump action, etc) has no mag capacity restrictions either in Canada, for now. Basicly, with semiauto centerfire rifles ur allowed 5rd mags, and with centerfire pistols ur allowed 10rd mags, .22lr/rimfire pistols are still only allowed 10rd mags though.

  • L Cavendish

    KelTec…not KelTek…your are not Kanadian…are you? lol

  • Scott Millican

    There is one exception to the 5rnds in a centerfire rifle (well maybe more than one exception, but one of the bigger ones) and that is the M1 Garand. Still allowed the full 8rnds in it, non restricted.

  • John

    SKS is just about as good for the money as you can get. Also the plentiful surplus ammo is inexpensive and there are lots of extras you can purchase to dress this gun up.

  • Avid shooter

    FN FNAR .308 Non-restricted semi-auto. Excellent accuracy for a semi-auto in 308. Clean design.

  • Geno Joy

    Don’t forget the Jard J48. I own one and love it. I’ve been using it all hunting season and I’ll be thinning out the predators with it this winter too

  • Luumi

    Ok i see ar-15s are restricted, now does this include all ar platforms example ar-10 in a .308

  • bluestreak_v

    Same thing unfortunately. AR-10’s are considered a “variant” of the AR-15

  • Dale Nesbitt

    The Lee Enfield is the other exception: 10 rounds.

  • Arshen Selvarajah

    Hey I’m from canada and im about to get my gun license and go through the CFSC course, which allows me to obtain a “Non-Resticted” which allows me to still obtain gun but what type? Disclaimer I’m from Canada. I guess what I’m trying to ask for is maybe a list of non-restricted weapons I could get with a PAL license insteading of getting a RPAL? thanks.

  • Bob Caruso

    so whats it take to get a firearms license in Canada? How much? Any tests? Qualifications? Can you load semi’s with more than 10 rounds? Just curious.

  • Kevin G

    I really don’t agree with what he’s talking about on the Ruger Mini 14, had mine since 1983 series 183 and put uncountable rounds through it without any problems and pieces coming loose or falling off. and the non-STANAG mags, well it wasn’t a NATO weapon so who gives a f**k, it was popular with law enforcement, security personnel, hunters, ranchers and target shooters.

  • Alex P

    It’s very easy and takes about 60 days… Take a course and they’ll answer all your questions

  • Brian Kerr

    I thought bullpups were illegal in Canada ?

  • It’s kind of weird: bullpup stocks for semi auto rifles that can fire without them aren’t allowed. So you can’t do a bullpup M14 or SKS or whatever, but you can own a Tavor, T97, RFB, etc, etc. No Steyr Aug though.

  • Brian Kerr

    cool maybe Ill save some money and get one.

  • Arshen Selvarajah

    maybe invest in a taser? Pepper spray?

  • Arshen Selvarajah

    Aahaha love this post. When it comes to our gun laws they are very very protective of how we can get them. American gun laws are very very unsafe, thats what I feel.

  • Pavel

    In the US, you can buy a shotgun in Walmart after a quick criminal check (they run your name through police database before they sell you that) but to get a handgun to carry, you, in the US, need to attend a class, take a test and pass it. They also do thorough criminal check on you, against federal databases, and you apply for a license on an NRA designed form which the federal government has been using for many years.

    What is GOOD in the US is a so-called “castle doctrine” (in the states where it exists) which allows you to defend your home, your family, and yourself with a firearm from an intruder. In Canada you can do that too, but you i you do you will face criminal charges, and for what – for defending yourself and your family, inside you own home, with a legally acquired firearm, in Canada. Tell it to any criminal and they will laugh. Criminals are armed and they cannot care less about any “gun laws”. However, as my Canadian friends say, it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Your choice, which you make for yourself and your loved ones, too.

    In the US, there is a lot of areas where you can walk at 2 am with no concern of any kind for your safety. But this is not because people around you are disarmed (remember that criminals are always armed, they ignore any laws) but because criminals SUSPECT that you may be armed, legally, for self-defense, and it make them think twice, in most cases. Most armed robberies and “gun crimes” of any kind are committed in liberal-run states where citizens are disarmed. Which makes perfect logical sense – criminals want to get your money, not to die in a shootout, so they target weakest victims possible, and those are in the liberal-run states where good people are disarmed.

    As to “kooks”, have you noticed that they almost ALWAYS target areas where nobody else is armed, such as schools or theaters (that thug in Denver years ago specifically traveled to a theater which does not allow people with concealed carry in) and almost ALWAYS in liberal-run states where citizenry is largely disarmed, such as Connecticut and California.

    Finally, please do not generalize about safety in Canada. Toronto local news CP24 has been reporting daily – daily! – about shootings and stabbings in that city. Also, as my Canadian friends suggest you do, go at 2 am at Finch at Jane area or certain areas around the zoo and you have an excellent chance to have your “Detroit experience” right there in Canada.

  • Pavel

    You know nothing about US firearm legislation, obviously. Maybe you should consider learn first and speak second? Good start is to go to NRA website and educate yourself about serious federal and state laws pertaining to firearms. That’s if you carry to know and do not want to sound like a complete ignorant Canadian hoplophobe who sees no difference from a firearm and the Ring of Power which turns you evil mad as soon as you touch it.

  • ar’s are restricted by name doesn’t matter what length of barrel and the word your looking for is “non-restricted”

  • Jeff Jones

    You’re an idiot and have no clue

  • Michael Dufresne

    ArmaLite rifle a.k.a AR15 or just a general assault rifle?

  • Victor Victory

    Can you make another updated list

  • Victor Victory

    No he’s right.

  • justsayin mipeese

    There is NO such thing as “In the US you have to…blah blah” when it comes to guns!!
    EVERY state has different rules pertaining to guns.
    So let me educate you on gun laws in your own country.

    First there are the states with what’s called “constitutional carry”.
    That means you do not need a permit to buy a gun and you do not need a CCW permit so you can chose to CC or in a holster OUTSIDE your clothes. This is subject to federal laws of course.
    Second there are the states with “open carry” and there are two types. Even in states the have open carry pistols and rifles are sometimes subjected to different rules. Some states have “open carry” but your fire arm must ne unloaded. Some allow you to carry an unloaded magazine in your firearm , some prohibit the magazine to be in it at any time once you “open carry”.

    Then there are the states that you talk about that require that you get a ccw permit before you carry and some states simply prohibit “open carry”.
    California is the only state to my knowledge that actually requires you to prove that you have the knowledge to handle a pistol as a requirement for a permit.
    Most other states simply require that you not be a felon or have outstanding warrants.

    Now about safety and Canadian gun laws. Only an idiot would think that you do not take reasonable precautions where ever you are since criminals are everywhere. Where Canada differs from the states ( and Americans cannot understand) is the concept that you cannot make yourself safe by arming everyone. Contrary to the popular Americanism, criminals are not deterred by you having guns. For example you talk about people being slaughtered in “liberal” areas (which unfortunately puts you on the wrong side of history) but there is no evidence that even suggests that there is less criminality in areas where citizens have easier access to guns.

    In Canada we have a different idea, a better idea. lets just restrict guns to people who have proven that they have the capacity to control , store and use their guns responsibly. In doing so we also restrict access of guns to criminals on a whole (except that AMERICAN criminals and some stupid Americans who believe we are deprived and so smuggle guns into Canada defeat that purpose.

    Washington at one point BANNED hand guns completely and was eventually challenged on constutional grounds and lost so now they make it very difficult to get one. Washingston does NOT have any statisical between difference from states that have constitutional carry.

    You americans like to say that guns keep down crime. Nonsense. Total garbage. Good education and economic opportunities keep down crime.

    Studies have shown that 4% of ANY polulation, black or white, rich or poor are criminally inclined. The difference is that among the criminally inclined ther must be reason and opportunity so that tends to keep the crime rate down in more economically stable areas. Except among the rich. Among the rich they actively look for opportunities to skirt and circumvent the law to add to their riches. So they might not grab a gun and roam the streets looking for crimes of opportunity but they do steal money from the people who they employ(who can least afford to be stolen from) and when caught they are less likely to go to jail. In fact the bigger he theft the less likely. Large corporations do it as a matter of course. They refuse to pay taxes (for example ) for years and when caught negotiate for fractions of what they owe while you and I are audited and arrested if they can prove we deliberately attempted to avoid paying taxes. But I digress.

    Back to guns!

    The areas in the states where you “can walk at 2 am” do NOT exist because citizens “might” be armed, they exist because they are affluent and far away from economically depressed areas. Don’t kid yourself. If that were true then Detroit would be the safest place in America. Even dogs have guns there.
    Now not saying that a gun wont deter a criminal but if that was a universal truth the no banks would be robbed.

  • Jeff Jones

    NO. All you have to do is take the Firearms Safety Course, then apply for a PAL (Purchase and Aquisition License) Takes about a year. For Pistols you need to take the Restricted FireArms Safety Course, then apply for a PAL. I know, I live here in Canada and own both.

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