Spectre Ballistics Ruger 10/22 Aluminum Chassis

The Spectre Ballistics International (SBI) 10/22 chassis is an aluminum chassis upgrade for your Ruger 10/22 that gives it more flexibility in parts and better ergonomics for use with a scope. SBI loaned me this chassis for this review.

Spectre 10/22 Chassis Features

  • The barrel is fully free floated (lots of room for even a heavy barrel)
  • The rear receiver pin is replaced with a pin that unitizes the stock system as well, stiffening the whole system
  • The receiver takes standard AR15 buffer tubes, which gets you access to a pile of different adjustable stocks. (you provide the tube+stock)
  • It takes standard non-beavertail AR15 grips (you provide the grip)
  • It’s got M-lok slots on the sides and bottom of the stock for mounting bipods, sling swivels, etc.

One of my complaints with the stock Ruger 10/22 stock is that it drops so much at the rear, which is ideal for iron sights but way too low for use with a scope. You can get more expensive Ruger models that include a better stock that’s made for optics, or stick on a cheek rest. The Spectre 10/22 chassis, with its straight buffer tube and a stock on it, fits me perfectly for use with a scope mounted pretty low. I get a great cheek weld with it setup as pictured.

The other thing I wanted to test out with a Ruger chassis is adjustable length of pull. I take kids out shooting a lot, and the Ruger is ideal for 12 year olds and up, but some of the smaller kids can’t reach the trigger and get a good cheek weld because of their little t-rex arms. Adjustable length of pull with an AR style buffer tube and telescoping stock is perfect for this.

Accuracy with the stiffened stock system was good, but I would need a better barrel to really figure out the true difference in accuracy between the regular stock and this upgraded aluminum chassis. The stock+action make a nice “ping” on every shot, which is also what a well unitized M14 does, maybe that’s a good thing?

I used the mlok slots for a push button detachable sling mounting cup. Unlike the slots on some of my AR forends, which are super tight to the barrel and gas block and don’t offer a lot of room, there was tons of room on the inside of this forend to fit accessories.


Here in Canada, there are not a lot of stocks like this. There are plastic stock systems, some nice laminates, but not a lot of decent aluminum ones like this. For someone looking for much better performance out of their Ruger 10/22, or more flexibility in fit, or all of that plus a more tactical look for shooting rimfire competition, check out the Spectre 10/22 chassis.

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