Recap on 2017

My 2017 was pretty busy at work, so video and articles came in bursts. Nothing showed that as well as my Christmas rate run on articles and videos, where I was really pumping them out. Compared with summer, where I was basically MIA: out doing 3 gun, pistol training courses, or work.

Hunting Gear Guy Website

  • Readers viewed 1.5 million pages
  • Readers spent 14.25 million minutes spent on site

Hunting Gear Guy YouTube

  • YT people watched 1.5 million videos
  • 4.7 million watched minutes
  • Got up to 8,600 subscribers

Overall, this year I spent a lot more time on 3 gun (making a new website to help Canadian 3 gunners find matches), focused some time on rounding out new or updated hunting rifles like the Mossberg Patriot, Remington 700 ADL, Browning AB3, and Savage Axis II, and added some decidedly non hunting articles. I added a ton of rimfire rifle reviews, a post on testing non corrosive ammo solvents, some cheap headlamp and flashlight reviews. Late in 2016, I started using fishing line to give a “floating” gun look. In recent reviews, I’ve started photoshopping out the fishing line so that it’s not distracting.

With YouTube videos seeing a lot more traffic, it’s difficult to go to a hunting store without being noticed. Even though Canadians have spent many more millions of minutes reading my articles, YouTube has made me famous; at least at a Cabela’s or a shooting match.

What Should I Review Next?

Ultimately, I do this to fill a gap in the market: there are too few technical reviews of guns and I try to bring simple, technical reviews without emotion or gratuitous shooting shots. No one needs to see me shoot a deer with a Savage Axis, if it shoots 308 into an inch, we can assume it’ll kill a deer.

So let me know what gun or hunting equipment you’re looking for me to review and I’ll make an effort to get one and review.

I appreciate your comments on articles and videos, I love bumping into you guys “in real life” and I appreciate feedback where I can make things better. Thanks for watching and reading over this year, hopefully I can add some really useful articles and videos that help you guys out!

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