M14 and M305 Accessories in Canada

M14 op rod spring guide

Above: Factory op rod spring guide, below: aftermarket

Smaller M14 accessories are quite a bit easier to get in Canada than larger, more expensive components, but you still need to know where to look for what. I’ve only listed online suppliers that I could find that have stock available right now. If you know of, or are a Canadian retailer and can supply some of the things below, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. If you’re looking for a stock for your M14, check out my post on M14 stocks in Canada.

Op Rod Spring Guides:

M14 Magazines: most any tactical shop will have these and supply isn’t too bad. You may need the 5/20 mags if you have an aftermarket stock, as the 5/5 magazines are a bit short and can be difficult to snag with stocks where the magwell is deeper.  Here are some of the places that sell mags online:

M14 Scope Mounts:

Muzzle Brakes

  • Smith Enterprises Brake: $147 at Brownells
  • Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider: $147 at Brownells
  • Troy Industries Brake: $63 at Brownells

Other Goodies:

  • M1A cheek piece: $59 at Brownells
  • Extended bolt release: $45 from NEA
  • Wolff Recoil springs: $14 from Brownells
  • Brown upper handguards: $20 at Brownells
  • Extended magazine release: $40 from NEA
  • Extended magazine release: $33 from Brownells
  • Adjustable gas lock: $160 from Dlask Arms

**Prices might change, some links are affiliate links. Have an M14 product that you want featured here? Let me know!

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