M1 Garand for Hunting

The M1 Garand is an extremely iconic military rifle here in North America and a recent burst of receivers imported to Canada have increased their availability. Many more Canadians are building M1 Garands from those receivers and making use of the newly increased $500 import limit for US parts. I won’t get into why the […]

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Standing shooting position with hasty sling

Shooting Positions for Hunting

One of the striking things I’ve found about hunting with new shooters is that they’re not sure which positions are acceptably solid for various ranges. After seeing one new hunter unsuccessfully blast away at deer over 300 yards away, while he was in the standing position, I thought I’d write this article. This article is […]

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Ruger American Grip Cap

Ruger American Review

Within the budget bolt action rifle category, the Ruger American is one of the newer designs, near the top price-range in this category, but it also comes with the most features. I think Ruger has done a great job of jamming in a lot of high-end features at a low-ish cost, without making any deal-breaking […]

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Remington 770 Review

If you came to this page because you just purchased a Remington 770 or someone gave you one and you wanted to see what can be improved or is a problem: sorry, this article is not super positive. If you came to this article because you wanted to figure out if you should buy a 770 […]

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Classic Ruger Mini-14 Review

I recently came across a classic, older Ruger Mini-14 that I had to get considering the price. These used to be a bargain compared to AR-15’s but after the last scare, it seems that AR-15 manufacturers have really stepped up their game and now there are a ton of great ones for great prices. Ruger […]

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Hornady Producing 17 WSM

I said I was going to stop the Rimfire posts while big game was in season, but just 1 more! Hornady has come out with a loading for 17 WSM. One of the main risks with 17 WSM ammo had been that it was only available from Winchester. Now with Hornady producing a 20 grain […]

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DIY Archery Targets

It has been too long since my last mini-post. This one’s on DIY archery targets. I’ve built the DIY archery targets with the foam puzzle pieces that people like to use for kid areas or for workshop floors and I’ve seen the compressed cardboard targets. Both work just fine. Where I think a bag like […]

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