Gryphon Energetics Thundershot Review

Thundershot is a Canadian manufactured, binary exploding target. Binary exploding targets were approved for use in Canada in February, 2014 and Gryphon Energetics was the first Canadian manufacturer on the scene. While many retailers started offering Tannerite or Shockwave at first, many more now offer Thundershot instead. I asked one retailer in a small town […]

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Canada Day Sales on Firearms and Hunting Gear

Several of Canada’s firearms and hunting gear online stores are running Canada Day sales. Here’s what I could find: Grouse River: Up to 50% off Cabela’s Canada is selling laminate stock Russian SKS’s for $199 among other things. Canada Ammo: Buy 4 cases of any brand, any combination of ammunition and get the lowest price case for free […]

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AR180B safety and trigger

AR-180B Review

The ArmaLite AR-18 was initially designed as a lower priced competitor to the AR-15. It uses stamped metal construction instead of milling, similar to rifles like the AK47. The AR180B is a modernized, semi-automatic version of the AR18 that uses a polymer lower and more AR parts. If you’re really interested in the history, check out the […]

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Zastava M70 Review

Although the name says Charles Daly, this is really a Zastava M70 rifle at the heart. The Zastava brand has been gaining in strength in North America to the point where they no longer need to white label their products with brands like Remington, Century International Arms, or Charles Daly, because the Zastava brand stands on its own. This particular […]

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Valtro PM-5 Review

So far, this is just an initial review. This particular Valtro PM-5 is second-hand and I haven’t used it enough to give it a long term reliability report. The shotgun has some allure for 3 gun competition in Canada because it’s magazine-fed and uses large, 7 round magazines. If you fumble with reloading a tube with shotshells, […]

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