Win an RZ Mossy Oak Hunting Mask

RZ Industries sent me 2 mossy oak masks, a regular and XL. The regular fit me fine, so I’d like to give away the other. If you’d like a chance to win that mask, send in your favorite hunting picture that you’ve taken and a bit of description. I’ll post all the entrants on an upcoming […]

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3 Gun Training for Beginners

Note, this is just what I’ve found has worked for me. I’m not an expert, but I have a few friends starting in 3 gun and I wanted to share some training resources and findings. I’ve covered most of the equipment for Canadians in my other Canadian-specific 3 gun article, so this one is going […]

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Troy PAR 308

Troy PAR 308 Review

Gun laws are a bit odd in most countries. Gun control legislators usually legislate with emotions rather than logic, and the resulting laws are frequently all over the place. The most awkward laws are frequently those that attempt to ban “assault weapons”, a made up term to gun control activists use to describe a wide […]

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