Marlin XT-17V Barrel size

Marlin XT-17 Review

The Marlin XT-17: Value Priced 17HMR Accuracy After publishing a review of the Savage 93R17, it only seemed to make sense to review the Marlin XT-17. Maybe next year I’ll get my hands on a CZ and a Ruger American but for now, let’s take a look at this Marlin! This particular model is the XT17V, […]

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308 Muzzle Brake for Savage 10TR

Savage 10TR Update

Just a quick update on my buddy’s Savage 10TR. We’ve mounted a 3 gill brake from Colonel Mustards. Colonel Mustard’s is fairly new on the scene, and sell a lot of AR15 and NCStar accessories. Which, in my case, was perfect because my buddy didn’t want to spend $100-$150 for a brake. I think I’d have […]

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What’s the best caliber for hunting large game?

Well, the somewhat boring answer is that they’re all pretty good. Firearms media and old timers love to talk up their favorite cartridges, but pretty much any of the popular hunting cartridges perform ballistically and on-game very much alike. I’m also assuming Deer, Elk, and Moose are the intended game; this isn’t the article you want […]

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Top 10 Restricted Firearms in Canada

Since my Top 10 non restricted black rifle article is looking pretty popular, I thought I’d work on one for restricted versions. It’s a bit of a stray away from normal content for this website because we can’t hunt with these, but I thought it’d be interesting anyways. Thanks to diablo_man from r/canadaguns for help on […]

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17HMR vs 22LR

In many ways, I’m a cheap, pragmatic hunter. If I can get the job done for much cheaper and at 90% of the performance, I’m good to go. When 17 HMR first came out, I remember thinking about how it was too expensive, and that the performance boost wasn’t worth it for gophers. For the most […]

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Does Barrel Length Affect Accuracy?

I’ve had too many people tell me that longer barrels are more accurate and that short barrelled rifles are crap or that 26″ is the “most” ideal. A quick Google of the topic didn’t pull up any really decent articles either (Yahoo Answers does NOT count.) So, does barrel length affect accuracy? Answer: Not really […]

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Pimped out Budget Bolt Action Rifles?

Within the 1-2 years, something very interesting has been happening in the budget bolt action rifle market: more features. You could really point to the Savage 200 as one of the first of the new crop of decent bolt action blasters because while there were previous budget priced rifles, the 200 didn’t make many of […]

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