How to Twist Statistics to Support Gun Control

OK everyone, we’re being played. Yes, we’re all trading lots of articles that support our particular world view, whether that be FOR gun control or AGAINST gun control. I wanted to write an article that addressed some of the worst logical fallacies and put them forward for everyone to see. Here are the ones I’ve been seeing on […]

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I’m on Slam Fire Radio!

I’m a new host on Slam Fire Radio! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a Canadian gun podcast that a few fine fellows out in New Brunswick have been running since 2013. New shows come out every Friday, they’re about 1 hr – 1.5 hrs long, and you can get them on iTunes, Stitcher, […]

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BunkerHead Face Mask Review

A while back, I put out a YouTube video on different hunting face masks and got an email from Phil at BunkerHead saying that their system was better than the masks I had. They were so confident, they sent me one of their mossy oak systems for review. The main idea of their no-touch facemask […]

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308 vs 300 Winchester Magnum

Unlike my 308 vs 30-06 article, this one is NOT splitting hairs. There is a great deal of difference between the 300 Winchester Magnum, affectionately known as the “300 Win Mag”, and the 308 Winchester. I’ll be primarily writing this article in mind of new hunters looking at rifles chambered in each of these cartridges, […]

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308 vs 30-06

This article is written with beginning hunters in mind as they choose their hunting rifle and are considering the differences between the 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. What’s great about both the 308 and 30-06 Even though there are 40+ years between development of the two cartridges, they share a lot in common when used […]

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Savage Axis Stainless Action

Savage Axis Review

Savage Axis Stainless XP Review The Savage Axis is a relatively new entrant into the bargain rifle category. Previously called the Savage Edge, the Axis is a modernization of the Savage 110 bolt action rifle in order to reduce costs while maintaining the generally excellent accuracy that Savage rifles are known for. It’s also a […]

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Sightron SIII 6-24 FFP Review

Sightron isn’t a particularly famous brand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of their ads in a magazine, tradeshow, etc. And although they’ve been around for 18 years, their brand is much less known than Vortex, a relative newcomer. Sightron’s SIII series is made in Japan, and they come with some interesting features. This […]

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Where to Buy Guns Online in Canada

If you’re new to firearms, the fact that you can order them online might be new to you. Nevertheless, it is legal and convenient. You can often get great prices and have a new rifle shipped to your home in a week. In general, only the biggest stores can have both low prices and decent […]

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Bushnell 3200 Elite 3-9×40

Bushnell is known for their value priced scopes as well as their “Elite” line. The Elite line of scope includes the 3200, 4200, and 6500. The 3200 is the lowest priced Elite and is what I consider to be a great starting place for scoping a value to midrange rifle. My particular scope came with […]

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Promag Archangel M1A stock with bipod and light

Promag Archangel M1A Stock Review

The ProMag Archangel M1A stock is a new arrival here in Canada and a great alternative to a regular synthetic stock or the substandard wood that typically comes with Norinco M305’s (Norinco’s copy of the M1A). Although it looks a bit like a JAE stock, it’s quite different. The JAE-100 Generation 3 stock comes with […]

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