Dagger SAP-6 Shotgun

SAP6 Review

The Dagger SAP-6 is a fairly new, pump action, magazine fed shotgun out of Turkey. With 6 and 11 round magazines legal for use in Canada, it’s definitely the high capacity, magazine-fed leader here. It’s a unique combo that gives the shotgun a couple very compelling use cases. Tactical Imports kindly provided this SAP-6 test […]

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A Look Back on 2015

Hi Everyone, Adriel here again. Just like my 2014 in review, 2013 wrapup, and most popular posts of 2012, I thought I’d do a quick year in review. I started this site in February of 2012, and a lot has happened since then. This year, I joined Slam Fire Radio as a host. I’d been on the […]

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Boxing Day Specials 2015

If you’ve saved up your gun money and your credit card has stopped smoking from over-use on Christmas presents, here are all the Canadian hunting and gun boxing day sales I could find. Sorry, some of these link to CGN because I couldn’t find the same sale information on their sites. Prophet River no tax […]

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Ruger Precision Rifle Review

If you’re into precision rifle shooting, you’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Featuring an aluminum chassis, AR-style forend, adjustable buttstock, and innovative magazine well that accepts many different styles of magazine, Ruger rocked the shooting world with a very low introductory price ($1399 MSRP […]

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ATRS Modern Varmint Rifle Now Available

This one is specific for Canadian readers: the ATRS Modern Varmint has been declared non restricted and has been issued an FRT by the RCMP. While pricier than an AR15, it’s pretty comparable in price to other high end non restricted rifles in Canada yet it’s using components that should result in a more accurate […]

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CPD 50 Beowulf Magazine

50 Beowulf Magazines in Canada Classification Update

Yesterday, Aztech Armory posted on GOC the reason why their recent importation of 50 Beowulf Magazines was denied. Suffice to say, the RCMP think that they fall under some made up “dual use” classification and are therefore PROHIBITED DEVICES. There is no “dual use” language in the Firearms section of the criminal code, but that’s what […]

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