Steyr Scout Review

And now, for something completely different. While I have been doing a lot of reviews on budget bolt action rifles, here’s a decidedly non-budget, yet still utilitarian bolt action rifle. Here in Canada, the Steyr Mannlicher Scout clocks in at around $2,500 while in the US, it goes for around $2,000. And while I’m not […]

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LAR-15 Magazines in Canada

LAR-15 magazines are pistol magazines designed to take (10) rounds of .223 or 5.56x45mm. Normally, semi-automatic rifle magazines are limited to 5 rounds but because this magazine was designed for a pistol (the RRA LAR-15), it can take 10 rounds. You can use these magazines in your STANAG-compatible rifle such as your Norinco T97, AR15, […]

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Henry Lever Action 22 Buttstock

Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle Review

Why a Lever Action .22? Henry rifles were recently on sale here in Canada, so I’ve got 2 to review: the Henry Lever Action 22, and the Henry US Survival Rifle. Interestingly enough, on-sale they were around the same price. But where the US Survival rifle was compact, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and could float, the Henry Lever […]

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UTS 15 with red dot sight

UTAS UTS-15 Hunting Review

There are a bajillion reviews out there on the UTAS UTS-15, but few on the Hunting variant as used for hunting. I’m going to ONLY focus on using this shotgun for hunting as I think there are a ton of great reviews out there on this shotgun and I’d be wasting your time repeating general information here. […]

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