Where to Shoot 3 Gun in Canada

3 Gun is a quickly growing shooting sport using rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Although I’ve written about 3 Gun in Canada as well as 3 gun training for beginners before, I thought I’d keep a nice, tight article on where you can find matches in Canada. Note that the number of 3 gun matches run at each club varies from weekly to once every few years. This thread on CGN is pretty good for finding matches.

Nevermind, just check out my newly created 3gun.ca website. 


  • CHAS 3 Gun League Edmonton Area: Monthly 3 gun matches. Website
  • Mighty Peace / Wapiti Shooters 3 Gun: Peace River/Grande Prairie Area. Mighty Peace on Practiscore Website Wapiti
  • Chinook Country Shooters Club is a 3 Gun Nation Club out of Lethbridge. Website
  • Medicine Hat Rifle and Revolver club has a 3 gun match scheduled Website
  • Calgary & District Target Shooters Association is holding 3 shoots this year Website
  • Lakeland 3 gun: run out of Cold Lake / Bonnyville area. Website


  • Prince Albert Pistol and Rifle Club has several 3 gun matches scheduled Website
  • Sask Tactical IDPA Website


  • Manitoba Defensive Pistol League has a match scheduled Website
  • Fort La Bosse Wildlife Association runs some 3 gun events Website


  • Vancouver Island 3 Gun Nation is run out of the Campbell River Gun Club and is a 3 Gun Nation Club
  • Abbotsford Fish and Game Club runs a multigun club website
  • ISLBC on Vancouver Island runs 3 gun matches Website
  • BC 3 Gun Redneck Championship is run out of Lone Butte Website


  • Crumlin has some 3 gun matches scheduled this year Website
  • Ontario Action Shooting League runs 3 gun matches in several locations Website
  • Madoc Hunters and Anglers Gun Club near Madoc runs a Mad Dog 3 Gun match Website
  • Rock Cut has a few 3 gun shoots scheduled: Website

New Brunswick

  • Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association ran a 3 gun event last year at HRPC Website
  • Restigouche will have a 3 gun match in September 2017


  • Valcartier has 3 shoots scheduled for 2017.

My Local League:

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