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Cooey Ace Single Shot 22LR

It’s a bit funny to review a Canadian Rimfire rifle that’s about 90 years old, yet here we are. The Cooey Ace 1 is a single shot, bolt action 22LR made in Canada between 1929 and 1934. It was preceded by the Cooey Canuck and succeeded by other Ace’s, Model 39, and whatever other names […]

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GSG-MP40 22LR Review

The GSG-MP40 is a German-made, MP40 style semi auto rifle chambered in 22LR. While original MP40’s are prohibited in Canada, the GSG-MP40 is non restricted, so you can get into a MP40 looking rifle for $599 that you can actually shoot. My 3 gun buddy Kurt loaned me this rifle for review. Features 12″ barrel23 […]

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Analyzing the 2019 Liberal Gun Control Platform

The day after the embarassing Trudeau brown/blackface incident, the Liberal party released their 2019 gun control platform. Symbolically at the location of a recent mass shooting, Trudeau unveiled a high level overview of the platform, spiced in with some American-rhetoric like “prayers just won’t cut it anymore”. I thought I’d break down what the platform […]

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Walker Razor Slim Electronic Muffs Review

Walker Razor Slims are a set of compact, slim cup, electronic muffs at the $40-$60 price range. While Walker also sells a quad microphone version that is otherwise very similar, the headset is primarily competing in the value-priced segment with the Howard Leight Impact Sports. So how do they compare? Compact Both the Howard Leight […]

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Ruger PCC Review

The Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) market has really exploded in the last few years, with more manufacturers joining in the game. Ruger has brought out the Ruger PC Carbine, a takedown PCC. In a crowded field of other PCC’s how does it fare? It’s $549.99 in the US, and $839 in Canada. Ian from Canadian […]

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Lazer Arms XR410 410 Revolver Shotgun Review

The Lazer Arms XR410 is a 5-shot revolver 410 shotgun made in Turkey. Retailing at around $750-799 in Canada, they’re up there for cost, but do you get enough utility and uniqueness out of this interesting shotgun? Note: unlike the Taurus Judge this shotgun is not made to fire 45 Long Colt. Just 410. Shooting […]

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ISSC SPA Straight Pull Review

The ISSC SPA is a straight pull rimfire rifle made in Austria. Launched somewhere around 2014/2015 in 22LR, 17HMR, and 22WMR, there are shockingly few reviews available online, and none are in-depth. There are no in-depth reviews for the SPA/Scout, the Steyr Scout-esque stocked version of the straight pull SPA either. I borrowed this rifle […]

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Aimpoint PRO Review

The Aimpoint PRO is a mid to high end red dot optic used by police, military, and civilians. My Aimpoint PRO (pictured) is slightly different than newer models in that it retains the scope caps and battery cap with a connected rubber piece and I’ve also turned my scope caps upside down so that they […]

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Scorpio EM332A 22LR Review

The Scorpio EM332A is a Chinese manufactured, bolt action 22LR. The action itself is based on the Anschutz 54, so accuracy could potentially be very good. In fact, the 322 action is the same as that on the Norinco NS522 that I saw amazing accuracy out of. So, is the Scorpio EM332A a great way […]

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Canuck Regulator/Defender Review

The Canuck Regulator/Defender combo is a non-restricted, 12 gauge, pump action shotgun made in Turkey. They come with both a regular synthetic stock as well as a birdshead grip that you can use if you dislike hitting anything with your shotgun. With a 14″ barrel length, 4+1 capacity, and a set of 3 interchangeable chokes, […]

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