Winchester 333 Bulk Pack Review

Winchester 333 Bulk Review

Winchester 333 Bulk Pack

 Cheap, Cheerful, and Available

Winchester 333 is a smaller bulk pack version of the same stuff in the 555 packs. Surprisingly, the 333 bulk packaged Winchester 22LR came in the most accurate of all the bulk ammo types tested in our 2014 22LR test. I squeezed very adequate accuracy out of the Marlin 795, Norinco NS522, and printed a great 0.44″ group at 50 yards from the Savage Mk II. For as cheap and easy as this stuff is to use, who’s complaining?

Winchester 333 Accuracy

Winchester 333 Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

Very acceptable! For as cheap as this stuff is, I really can’t complain about too much, but I do have 1 knock against this ammo: it didn’t cycle 100% in my Marlin 795 when it was a bit dirty. Other ammo types had enough oomph to cycle the bolt, but for whatever reason, the 333 didn’t. The sales guy at the hunting shop tried to tell me that a few of his other customers found cycling issues in their semi-autos, but I went against his advice. Oh well, at least it shoots like a barn on fire in the Savage and Norinco!

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