CCI Green Tag Review

CCI Green Tag Detail

CCI Green Tag

Budget-priced Match Ammo

CCI Green Tag is very similar to their SV (Standard Velocity) offering in appearance, speed, and construction, which leads me to believe that they’re lots of SV that are more consistent. Green Tag was pretty reasonably priced in my area, especially considering the current shortages in 22LR, and came out consistently accurate in many rifles tested. The *crack* of a standard velocity round like this one is also a lot easier on the ears than the high velocity rounds.

CCI Green Tag Accuracy

CCI Green Tag turned in some very respectable groups from all the rifles tested and was the second most accurate round in our 2014 22LR Comparison. Fantastic results for the dollar.

CCI Green Tag Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

This was the least expensive match ammo tested and was very accurate for the dollar. If you’re looking for a more attainable, American-produced match ammo offering, or if you’d like to shoot squirrels or gophers with excellent confidence in shot placement, CCI Green Tag fits the bill.

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