The 26 Nosler

Shot Show 2014 is going on right now, and Nosler just released a new cartridge, the 26 Nosler. It’s a screaming fast 6.5mm cartridge, throwing a 129 grain bullet at 3,400 fps and a 140 at 3,300. Those are some very fast speeds in a very slippery, popular with target shooters 6.5mm size. Conveniently, the case fits into a standard 30-06 length action, so a magnum length action is not necessary. The case may be the equivalent of a 6.5-375 Ruger.

Comparatively, this is much faster than the other 6.5 cartridges. The caliber doesn’t have a fantastic following for hunting, with company like the 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser, 264 Winchester Magnum, 260 Remington, and 6.5-284. Although it’s a lot more popular of a caliber choice for medium and long range target shooting, there would be nothing wrong with a super fast 6.5mm mountain or long range rifle and that’s what Nosler seems to be aiming for.

It’s likely that they’re using a 4 or 4.5″ rise and fall allowance to make a claim of “flat to 415”.  When I calculate those numbers for articles I write, I go with +-3″, but lots of manufacturers like to push that number up to claim longer MPBR. In any case this is a very fast combination that would be perfect for long range, medium-low recoil shots on CXP2 game like deer.

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