Privacy Policy

The short and sweet? I experiment on this website, so assume that there’s all sorts of tracking going on. I’m not selling user data or anything weird like that, but I do analyze usage patterns, interests, and that kind of thing to try to build a better website.

This website uses cookies. If you don’t like that, run a blocker or something. It’s easy and GDPR and the like are lazy regulations that legislate something that’s already easy for end users to solve on their own.


This website uses Google Analytics Demographic and Interest Reporting. This feature enables collection of anonymized user demographic and interest information for the purposes of improving the website, better serving users, and improving how we advertise to clients. We do not connect this demographic and interest data with personally identifiable information.

You can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Preferences page (, the NAI Consumer Opt-Out (, or permanently using a browser plugin. (

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