Tannerite Binary Exploding Targets in Canada

Tannerite in Canada

This legislation was decided long ago, but came into effect recently and we’re just now starting to see binary exploding targets getting on shelves here in Canada. I thought I’d whip up a quick post on them specific to Canada.

What is Tannerite?

Tannerite is a brand named patented by the official company Tannerite.com. It’s pretty safe considering it’s an explosive: it’s not flammable, is typically sold unmixed to reduce the risk even more, and generally needs to be hit with a high velocity rifle round to detonate. Tannerite.com ships 1 million pounds each year.


Where can you use Binary Exploding Targets?

The short answer: wherever you won’t be messing things up for people. The Ontario CFO recently banned its use from ranges, and I’d think that most ranges would have banned it anyways unless there’s some way of making a reusable, safe target stand for them. It’s destructive to turf and most target stands and would likely increase the number of complaints that a range would get. This is more of a “pit in the middle of nowhere”, “only at a safe distance” kind of thing to play with. Make sure your local municipal regulations don’t have anything against them. You also need to hit the target with a high velocity bullet like a 223. 22LR won’t work, and 17 HMR only works some of the time.

Is Tannerite Legal in Canada?

Yes. Recent (enacted Feb 1) changes by the ERD means that Tannerite and other approved brands of binary exploding targets are now legal for use. You are only supposed to mix the 2 parts when you’re going to use it, and there are rules around misuse within the criminal code of Canada. You can only legally mix 1 lb at a time. Know your municipal regulations and don’t be a jackass.

Is it Dangerous?

When used improperly, yes! The manufacturer does not recommend large batches of the product, recommends suspending the product above the ground, recommends hitting the target at a distance of more than 100 yards, and that the targets should not be covered by debris or items that may become shrapnel. Inside a watermelon, sure. Surrounded by metal or wood, no. People have been killed by misuse of these targets.

Where can you buy Tannerite or Binary Exploding Targets in Canada?

Keep in mind that availability is going to be coming and going. This product is new to Canada, so many people are buying big lots of it to play with. As of today (June 18), some retailers have stock, and everyone is bringing lots more in. Note: these links are not a recommendation from me, they’re just places I found that said they’re bringing some in, selling, or making more exploding binary targets.

What does it look like when you shoot it?

See: about a hundred videos on YouTube, from the small to the large.

1/2 lb targets:

Not recommended sized:

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