The ATRS Modern Hunter Rifle

ATRS Modern Hunter Rifle

ATRS Modern Hunter Rifle

Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply (ATRS) has announced a new, domestic, non-restricted, semi-auto rifle. The Modern Hunter Rifle uses many popular AR15/AR10 accessories, but is a proprietary action/receiver designed to support the 308 family of cartridges (243, 6.5 Creedmore, 308 Winchester, 338 Federal, and more). The rifle is now available to order as customizable builds on ATRS’s website, with first units coming in Feb 2015 and has been designated by the RCMP as non-restricted. Base pricing is around $3000, but it goes up with upgraded barrels, stocks, etc.

I look at this rifle as a very unique new entrant. Currently, most Canadian semi-auto NR rifles available in a high power cartridge are only capable of 2-3 MOA from the factory (XCR-M, Norc M14, SG542, Kel-Tec RFB, ). If you want more accuracy from the factory, you’re looking at a Springfield M1A NM, a nice Browning BAR, or a Norinco M14 that’s been tuned/tweaked. NONE of those have the ergonomics present in a Modern Sporting Rifle. That’s where I’d see a rifle like this one fitting in. Easy to mount optics, very easy to accessorize to your needs, accurate, many industry-standard parts where they make sense, and very usable controls.


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