Game Cam Oct 2014 and a Bit of Varmint Hunting

Thought I’d share what’s coming up on the game cam. There was a lot more variety in animals than I was expecting for 2 weeks of footage.

After seeing all the pictures of coyotes, I took off with my Stevens 200 in 223 to clear some of them out.  I didn’t see any coyotes but I managed to bag a fox. With so many dry leaves on the ground, it was very easy to hear the fox approach from the rear. The Stevens is topped with a BSA Sweet 223 scope and I’m using reloaded ammo with Varget powder and Varmint Grenade 50 grain bullets. The Stevens is glass bedded, very accurate, and although it wasn’t really needed for this 50 yard shot, that accuracy is reassuring to have on hand. Note that the varmint grenade did not penetrate through to the left side, in line with its claims. The frangible metal core fragments quickly and didn’t ruin the pelt on the off side.


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