Bittern Lake Lodge

Coming into Spring, my buddy asked if I wanted to go snow goose hunting. His cousin ran an outfitting lodge called Bittern Lake Lodge and was going Snow Goose hunting. The hunt was to happen over the Easter Weekend, but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Easter egg painting would have to wait, the Snow Geese problem had to be addressed!

Sheldon runs the Bittern Lake Lodge out of Bittern Lake near Camrose (central Alberta). He primarily guides hunters looking to hunt Canadian Geese, Specks, Ducks, Specks, and other waterfowl.

The Lodge

The Bittern Lake Lodge has 2 main buildings: a main lodge and a sleeping quarters. The main lodge features a gathering area, stove with a handy drying area near a wood stove to dry off wet clothes, and a large seating and table area for non-hunting activities as well as eating buffet style.

The sleeping quarters has 8 separate bedrooms which each have multiple beds, though they usually keep hunting parties to 8 so that each hunter has a separate bedroom. It also had a separate kitchen and a massage table.

The Area

The area around Bittern Lake is primarily farmland, but it has a ton of smaller lakes and ponds. Alberta isn’t known for a lot of lakes, but there are a lot of little ponds in the area. This year was one of the wettest Springs in recent history, so there was a lot of water around.

Waterfowl Hunting in Bittern Lake, Alberta

In terms of the area, Alberta sees a good variety in waterfowl. The Bittern Lake area has Specks, Canada Goose, Pintail, Mallard, Cinnamon Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Green Wing Teal. Field shoots are primarily Pintail and Mallard.


Well, our hunt was successful, the lodge was comfortable to stay at, and Sheldon was a great host. He was quick to point out other species of waterfowl, ensured we stayed on target and focused on Snow Geese, and had scouted ahead of time to identify some great spots to hunt. I got to try out some new snow geese decoys, shoot a Browning A5, and get my feet wet on Snow Geese hunting. I think when it comes down to it, it’s hard to get into some waterfowl and a hunt with a more experienced waterfowler is great for learning the ins and outs. I learned a ton on my hunt and I really look forward to the next.

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