Magpul SGA for Remington 870 Mini Review


Magpul SGA Stock Rem 870

The Magpul SGA Shotgun stock is an aftermarket stock available for the Remington 870 and (separately) the Mossberg 500/590/590A1. It features:

  • An ergonomic grip
  • An adjustable spacer system that give flexibility on length of pull (12.5″ – 14.5″)
  • A decently squishy buttpad
  • Built in 1.25″ sling loops on both sides

For accessories, there’s a cheek riser and a butt-pad adapter that lets you use Remington 870-compatible butt-pads instead of whatever pattern Magpul used.

Video Review of the Magpul SGA Stock for Remington 870

SGA Stock for Remington 870 Boxbox backMagpul SGA Stock for Remington 870


box accessoriesMagpul Stock on Remington 870

  • The Magpul SGA stock is the perfect item if you want a pistol grip on a 500/590. With the safety located on top, a conventional pistol grip renders the safety difficult to operate. But this Magpul is tge perfect marriage of standard Monte Carlos stock and pistol grip stock and still allows effective operation of the safety.

    As for my 870, I keep an M4 type stock on it.

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