Knight and Hale Pack Rack Mini Review

knight and hale pack rack

Another mini review, this time with Knight & Hale’s Pack Rack ™. Packing along a full deer rack to rattle in bucks works, but the antlers are pretty bulky and can be cumbersome packing into a day pack, and potentially loud if you’re climbing up a tree stand and your antlers are held together with some string or leather. But you just can’t beat the realistic sound. Knight & Hale’s Pack Rack claims to match the sound in a much more compact package. In fact, the Pack Rack fit in one of my jacket’s oversized pockets, so I didn’t even need to tie off to the connecting cord.

Unfortunately, the Pack Rack comes with some trade-offs. Using them while wearing soft gloves muffles the sound a lot, to the point where bare hands are a lot better. That’s not so bad when it’s warm out, but when it’s way below freezing like where I hunt, it kind of sucks. The other part that sucked is that after using them a half dozen times in an area where I knew there were bucks and I saw none, my buddy rattled using some real antlers and brought in a buck immediately. So I haven’t used these to rattle a buck in yet. If I manage to rattle one in 2014, I’ll update this post. If you’ve used the Pack Rack to rattle in a buck, share the details with us in the comments!

pack rack bottom pack rack open pack rack side

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