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Bunkerhead System

Best Hunting Face Masks

Because I hunt in Northern Alberta, hunting with a mask is more of a consideration for survival and comfort than it is for camouflage or fashion. Over the years, I’ve collected several different styles of hunting face masks, some for the cold, some for bow hunting in warmer months, and some that are better for duck hunting. […]

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18650 Batteries compared with other batteries

18650 Batteries

I mention 18650 batteries so often in my headlamp and flashlight reviews, that I thought I’d do a dedicated article on 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries are rechargeable lithium ion cells used in laptop power packs, Tesla cars, high powered vapes, electric bikes, heated jackets, high power laser pointers, flashlights, headlamps, and many other battery applications. Realistically, […]

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Wyvern Heated Jacket Review

Cold Weather Jackets My normal setup for hunting season is to layer up. Base layer, mid layer, maybe a sweater if it’s really cold, and then a choice between light, medium and heavy duty jackets. If you’re going to head into the back country, you’ll likely need a backpack to store layers and/or a premium […]

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objective detail

Primary Arms 1-6 Review

I started to hear about Primary Arms brand scopes taking the budget tactical scope market by storm about 5 years ago. Living in Canada, we didn’t really have much for availability in Primary Arms scopes up until recently when CTC Supplies out of Canada started carrying them. And when I decided to upgrade my 3 gun AR15 […]

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sig Kilo2000 front

Sig Kilo 2000 Review

5 years ago, when I bought my ~$350 Bushnell Sport 600, there was a clear line in the sand between pricier Leica rangefinders at $1000+ and the budget models at $500 or less. Budget rangefinders weren’t nearly reliable enough to use for long range hunting, while using them for precision long range shooting was impossible without large reflective […]

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install detail

Spectre Ballistics Magazine Block Review

When it comes to SKS rifles, lots of guys love modifying them. One of the mods that I see a lot is the replacement of the fixed magazine with removable Tapco “duckbill” mags. They’ve got that name because of the large protruding plastic shelf that engages with the old fixed magazine hinge and contact point. […]

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hexbrake front

Spectre Ballistics Hex Brake AR15 Muzzle Brake

A lot of people treat muzzle devices as if they’re magic and for the amount that some brakes cost, they should be magic. For most AR-15’s, Vuurwapenblog found that a brake with 3 or 4 large ports like the Specwar offers excellent recoil mitigation while still staying pretty compact in line with the barrel. The drawbacks […]

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Crua Tri Insulated Tent Review

Crua Tri Thermal Insulated Tent Tents come with some built-in disadvantages. They don’t do a heck of a lot to keep heat in, forcing you to use beefy sleeping bags and making you dread having to put on cold clothes in the morning. They get bright as soon as the sun comes out, so they’re not […]

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