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16 eBay LED Headlamps Reviewed

Recently, I’ve had a hard time finding headlamps around my house. My kids have been playing with some, others were left in drawers or at my friends house from hunting, so I decided to buy a few headlamps from eBay. The funny thing is, there’s a lot of repeats from various no-name manufacturers. The cost […]

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ebay headlamp

Zoomable 8000 Lumen Headlight Review

8000 Lumens out of an LED that maxes out at 1000? While it’s important to dream, these kinds of listings are why straight-from-China products have such a bad reputation. This headlamp is essentially the same as the (also unrealistically marketed) 5000 Lumen headlamp, except it uses a zoomable housing. I found all the zoomable housings […]

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1200LM Super Bright Headlight R3 Review

1200 Lumens from a headlamp that uses AAA batteries in series? Good luck with that. The product page itself claims a more reasonable 300 lumens. With one main white LED in the centre with 2 flanking red LED’s, this headlamp looks to be a (poor) knockoff of the Jetbeam HP35. And where the Jetbeam is […]

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Jetbeam HP35

Jetbeam HP35 Review

The Jetbeam HP35 is a lot more expensive than the other Chinese headlamps tested with a price around $20 USD. It claims to use a CREE XP-G3 for a main and is rated for a reasonable 335 Lumens. This headlamp also comes with 2 red LED’s on the sides of the main white LED. RED […]

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NiteCore HC60 Review

It’s really not fair to lump in a $60 headlamp with a bunch of $7 ones, but I thought it’d be interesting to review a headlamp that uses a very different design. It also comes with a $30 18650 battery, so it’s practically a $30 headlamp. The NiteCore HC60 uses a single 18650 battery horizontally […]

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Probe Shiny 5000 Lumen Diving Scuba Headlamp Review

I don’t do scuba diving, but I thought it’d be fun to get a completely waterproof diving headlamp. At $5.60, the Probe Shiny Scuba Headlamp wasn’t going to break the bank. This headlamp was quite different from the other Chinese headlamps in a few interesting ways: Uses a silicone headband instead of fabric. Silicone attachment […]

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5000 Lumen XM-L Headlamp Review

This headlamp was unbranded, and at a princely $10, came with (2) 18650 batteries, wall charger, and car charger. At this price point, the batteries can be assumed to be counterfeit, and are unlikely to be anywhere in the vicinity of their claimed mAh. Loaded up with 2 18650 batteries, the headlamp comes in at […]

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Probe Shiny 15000 Lumen 3 LED Headlamp Review

The Probe Shiny 3 LED headlamp is probably the oddest looking headlamp that I reviewed. It uses a main single XM-L LED with a click-zoomable lens, and is flanked by a couple of COB-style LED’s. The product listing page claims that this combination results in 15000 Lumens, which is laughable. This combo would be lucky […]

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