Rouge River Arms Inc

Company Name Rouge River Arms Inc.
Phone Number 905-597-0244
Address 235 Industrial Pkwy South, Unit 2, Aurora, ON L4G 3V5


Rouge River Arms logo

Hunting Gear Guy (HGG): How’d you get started in the business?

Rouge River Arms (RRA): We decided to turn our hobby into a career.

HGG: What general hunting products do you carry?

RRA: Due to limited floor space in the shop, I have most of the necessities in stock, but I can order anything. Most items are 3-5 business days away.

HGG: What’s a deal or sale you have on right now that hunters would be stupid to ignore?

RRA: I carry Hatsan Escort shotguns. Despite the low price point they are excellent firearms.

HGG: Do you hunt? If so, what game and with what rifle/caliber?

RRA: This answer could be a page long… short answer: Moose/Bear – Marlin Guide Gun in 45/70. Deer – Surplus M38 Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55mm. Coyote – I drag my 28lbs custom benchrest gun out chambered in 6mm BR.

HGG: What piece of advice do you give to every new hunter?

RRA: Don’t walk. Always stalk. Take your sling off your gun, that way you are always ready.

HGG: Tell me about your favorite hunting cartridge or rifle.

RRA: Where I hunt, 80 yards is a long shot. Traditional rifle cartridges are overkill at that range. 45/70 packs a good punch and it not affected by branches or small trees.

HGG: Do you ship across Canada?

RRA: Yes.

HGG: What products do you carry that are somewhat unknown that you think are awesome?


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