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Primos Buck Roar Review

Having all the gear one would need to harvest a perfect Trophy Buck is ideal. But if that same person wasn’t able to call in that buck properly, all that gear would be a complete waste of money. I admit straight up that I’m not very good at using any call, whether it be for […]

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Savage Bolt Action Magazines

So after helping a friend of mine buy a brand new Savage hunting rifle, I happened to notice the magazine looked familiar. I removed the mag from the rifle and looked in awe as what I was in my hand was a plastic clip, Savage Axis mag. Yes, Savage has implemented the breakable plastic tab […]

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Hawg Wild Ranch Review

Recently my wife’s entire family and I went for a vacation in Orlando, Florida. Before we left, us guys decided, instead of only going to the expected amusement parks, we would like to do some hunting. Alligator hunting was out of our budget and currently not in season, so we decided to lend a helping […]

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Stock Repair01

Budget Stock DIY Repair

During one weekend I had a chance to help my father-in-law dust off some of his firearms. We came across his Midland gun company (Parker Hale) 30-06 bolt action rifle. He shared some of his hunting stories that he had with this rifle back in the “good” ol days, including how the wooden stock cracked […]

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DIY Savage Axis Trigger Job

DIY Savage Axis Trigger Job Warning: screwing around with your trigger comes with some risk. You should have a good idea of what the rifle trigger should be doing, have a bit of mechanical sense, and test rigorously afterwards. If you adjust your trigger according to this content, you take responsibility for your modifications. If […]

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supercell buttpad

Remington M887 NitroMag Review

When I asked fellow gun enthusiastic friends to name the first shotgun that came to mind, the majority responded with “Remington 870”. Not one mentioned the Remington M887 NitroMag. This made me wonder if anyone had even heard of this boom stick before or if they just kept it in the “piece of crap” section […]

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