Want to Write for The Hunting Gear Guy?

Think you got what it takes to write for The Hunting Gear Guy (HGG)? It’s not as hard as you think!

  • All our authors need a real name or at least a pseudonym.
  • Reviews for HGG are expected to be neutral! Positives¬†and negatives of a product should be mentioned.
  • There isn’t any money in this (yet) and so far, I’m just getting in random swag that I’m trying to disperse to the most relevant authors first. I might get in some cooler stuff, but just to keep expectations even, don’t expect much from writing for this website, other than accolades from your peers.
  • None of our authors can pimp or otherwise highlight a specific brand only. No brand whores!
  • I reserve the right to coach authors on how to write better posts, not accept posts I determine to be crap, edit articles whose grammar or spelling sucks, and remove author privileges from authors on an as-needed basis.

I’m a very reasonable guy, and I’d love to build a community of like-minded, smart hunters. If you think you’re a reasonably objective hunter who wants to write somewhere on the web where their articles might be read by thousands of people, drop me a line and let’s chat!

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