LAR-15 Magazines in Canada

LAR-15 magazines are pistol magazines designed to take (10) rounds of .223 or 5.56x45mm. Normally, semi-automatic rifle magazines are limited to 5 rounds but because this magazine was designed for a pistol (the RRA LAR-15), it can take 10 rounds. You can use these magazines in your STANAG-compatible rifle such as your Norinco T97, AR15, Tavor, AR180B, Kel Tec SU16, or many more that have magwell adapters that support the STANAG standard magazines.

5/30, 50 beowulf, and LAR-15 mags compared

5/30, 50 beowulf, and LAR-15 mags compared

Still worried about the legal implications? Check out RCMP Special Bulletin 72, which states “…A similar example is the 10 round capacity magazine for the Rock River Arms LAR-15 pistol, regardless of the kind of firearm it is actually used in.” It’s named specifically in the bulletin as an example.

LAR-15 Magazines on Video

Where to buy LAR-15 Magazines in Canada

LAR-15 magazines are widely distributed and are probably available at your local, well-stocked gun shop but here are a few places you can also buy them online:



CTC Supplies

What other Magazines are there out there?

ATRS (Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply) produces their own polymer AT15 magazines that also hold 10 rounds each. While they cost a tiny bit more than the other metal LAR-15 mags, they also have an extended grip at the bottom to make them easier to grab out of a magazine pouch. This would make them a bit better for 3 gun and the like where a longer mag is easier to handle than the short 10 rounders.

There are also 50 Beowulf magazines that offer extended capacity.

  • Jody

    You need to recheck your facts. RCMP Bulletin 72 has been modified removing the reference to the LAR-15 magazines.

    STANAG compatible magazines have to legally licence the patented design, which is part of the original 1966 patent (US Patent number 3,236,155) for the M-16 rifle.

    The RCMP CFP removed the reference because if STANAG capatible magazines are all made in conformity to patent 3,236,155, they are then “designed” to be a rifle magazine. Thus making them subject to section 3 of bulletin 72. And subject to the 5 round limit.

    Of course the CFP determined in early 2013 that aftermarket 25 round Ruger 1022 magazines were in fact prohibited due to the face they could be used in the restricted Ruger Charger. It took the CFP three additional years to notify firearms distributors and retailers to stop selling such magazines. (Note the reference to the Ruger magazines in Bulletin 72 being added in 2013 and this additional notification that was not issued until 2016)

  • Archie

    It is no longer listed specifically but section 4 still stands in the Special Bulletin for Businesses No. 72.

    “4. Magazines designed for one firearm but used in a different firearm

    The maximum permitted capacity of a magazine is determined by the kind of firearm it is designed or manufactured for use in and not the kind of firearm it might actually be used in. As a consequence, the maximum permitted capacity remains the same regardless of which firearm it might be used in.
    The Marlin model 45 (Camp Carbine) rifle chambered for 45 Auto caliber uses magazines designed and manufactured for the Colt 1911 handgun, therefore the seven round and eight round capacities are permitted.

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