AR15 Parts in Canada – Stocks, uppers, etc

Blue line AR15 lower

This is a big departure for this site, because AR15’s are restricted and can’t be used for hunting in Canada. But. . .I got an AR lower and wanted to find info on parts availability, and the spreadsheet below is the result. I just had to share it because it took a while and some of the retailers are a bit hard to find. I have not listed really high end stuff, mostly low/midrange AR parts, and I haven’t listed a lot of lowers because I already have one, but I still think this is the most comprehensive listing of parts that you can get in Canada. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for parts that are under $100 $500, Brownells is a decent option too.

Shortlist of retailers with the biggest inventories: Wanstalls, Wolverine Supplies, Questar, CTC Supplies, SFRC, Arms East, One Shot Tactical. If I’m missing any, just let me know in the comments.

*Any of these retailers can change pricing or availability. Consider this list as just a good starting point. Updated March 31, 2014

Complete AR15 Rifles

(just in case you don’t feel like building)

Complete AR15 Uppers

Incomplete AR15 Uppers

AR15 Barrels

AR15 Lower Parts Kits

AR15 Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders

AR15 Stocks, Handguards, Free float quad rails, and other Furniture

Miscellaneous AR15 Parts

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  • Wow, this is very handy! I just bought an NEA15 with a trigger pull that’s heavier than the rifle and have been looking for upgrade parts. Brownells will ship up to $500 if you complete an end-user statement that says you won’t send the parts outside of Canada.

  • break-in is key, my NEA had a stiff trigger at first but now it feels good. also the accuracy got much better. took about 3-400 rounds.

  • Steve P

    Guys I found a new site and a new company that sells 80% lowers in Canada. they are called go check it out! They seem to carry the polymer80 lower G150.

  • George Hatch

    Did a search for “ar-15 stock assembly canada” and this article popped up. I’m glad you did a post on this topic!! Keep up the good work.

  • Adam Worby

    just wondering if anyone knows which parts i can, and can not order (in Canada) without my restricted license? I signed up for a course to get my license in a couple months but i want the majority of my parts for my AR parts so i can start building as soon as possible. I know that in the states that the lower receiver is considered the firearm.

  • Cmrcolumbus

    Very informative. Good job. great help.
    I own a Colt M4 556 223 16″ sporter model.
    Im trying to find complete 7.62 upper and .22 upper in Canada . Ant ideas?
    Thank you.

  • pepelapiu2004 .

    Same thing in Canada. You can buy everything but the lower receiver without a PAL.

  • William Lange

    Hello, I am not an importer. How do I go about buying an ar15 upper from a Canadian company? Are there any permits or taxes that need to be dealt with?
    Thank you.

  • flashpoint

    Sales tax + RPAL (probably) + money + shit ton of time.

  • Barry

    The only part that needs the RPAL is a lower that has a serial number on it, that’s what is considered the gun. You can buy 80% lowers with no RPAL, but you’ll need tools and machines to complete the lower 100%, then you’ll need your RPAL to get a serial number from the CFO in your area.

  • Joseph Rivers

    An upper? It’s like buying a wrench. You walk in and buy it or you order it online. You can buy every part of an AR 15, except the lower receiver, without using your license. Some stores have specific policies, though.

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