S&J Charging Handle for Benelli M2 (or Stoeger M3500)

SJ Hardware Charging Handle

I read online that the Benelli M2 charging handle will work in the Stoeger M3500 and since I was ordering an extension tube for my Stoeger 3500 from S&J Hardware anyways, I ordered one of their M2 charging handles at the same time.

The work required was really basic and was centered around the end that goes in. It needed a bevel added to the inside bit so that it was slightly easier to extract, the shaft had to be turned down just a touch so it didn’t bind on the bolt, and it needed to be shortened so that it didn’t poke out the other side of the bolt. Very easy stuff.

detail after


Stoeger 3500 extended charging handle

Video of the S&J Hardware Benelli M2 Charging Handle

  • Andrew Rodriguez

    Will an oversized bolt release and safety button designed for a Benelli M2 fit the M3500 as well?

  • The bolt release is a drill and tap part, I installed an Osprey Ordnance one and I’m sure others will work as well. For the safety, it will work, but you need to check clearance on the plastic above the safety as well as the metal on the receiver. A round oversized safety may get jammed against the steel or plastic. I’ve got a couple articles + videos I’m working on that will show this.

  • Whitey

    Thank you for posting a video showing small/VERY small parts on a broken, patterned background.
    That and the focus problems make the video and challenging viewing.
    P.S. I doubt I could do much better.

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