Winchester 22 Long Rifle Subsonic Review

Winchester Subsonic Review

Winchester Subsonic

The Best Subsonic Tested

Winchester’s subsonic 22LR offering comes in a 40 grain, hollow-point, un-plated offering. Compared with the CCI Quiet Segmented HP in the 2014 22LR shootout, it offered much better accuracy, a much smaller shift in Point of Impact (POI), and cycled most of the time in our semi-auto’s.

Winchester 22LR Subsonic Accuracy

My Marlin 795 loved this round, printing a tiny .51″ group at 50 yards. I suspect that was more of a fluke than anything, but it still showed the potential of this round.

Winchester Subsonic Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards


Even though this is a subsonic, it was 100% reliable in our 10/22 and extracted correctly 3/5 times in the Marlin 795. So it may work in your semi auto without any modifications. It was, of course, 100% reliable in our bolt action rifles.


This was my preferred subsonic 22 LR ammo of the bunch. The box/tray the ammo came in was high quality and easy to pull rounds out of, functionality was good and accuracy was very decent even at 50 yards.

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