CCI Standard Velocity 22LR Review

CCI Standard Velocity

CCI Standard Velocity

CCI Standard Velocity is, like the name implies, a standard velocity 22LR round clocking in at 1070 FPS. Using a 40 grain, round nose, lead bullet, this is a plinking round with promise for more. In our 2014 22LR Shootout, this ammo would be a good place to start for most rifles.

CCI Standard Velocity Accuracy

Very respectable accuracy, though we got similar average results from the CCI Mini-mag and CCI Stinger. One advantage to the CCI SV is that it was very easy on the ears and did not have the crack that the other high velocity rounds came with. The Norinco NS522 loved CCI SV as well as the similar CCI Green Tag Competition.

CCI Standard

Group Inches at 50 yards


If you’re looking to print small groups, this is a very good place to start. It’s inexpensive, unoffensive, and some of our rifles really liked it.

Video Review

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