Dominion Arms Socom 18 M14 Rifle

Dominion Arms M14

Previously, there were 2 variants of the Norinco M14 in Canada; a regular length M14 and a shorter barrel “shorty” M14. Canada Ammo is bringing in a new variant that comes with a short barrel, “navy” style front sight, and a threaded flash hider instead of the usual castle nut deal. That threaded muzzle should give more flexibility on muzzle devices.

Learn more about them here:

  • DW

    Other than the front sight and flash hider, is there any real difference between this and the Norinco shorty? Quality wise? I can find the DA for $50 cheaper than the Norinco shorty and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Not really too much of a difference that I’ve seen. Go for the Dominion Arms!

  • Aaron

    Dominion Arms is a Norinco rebranded for Canada Ammo. That is the only difference

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