Haggard-est Hunting Boots Contest

rags to riches

Haggard: Looking exhausted and unwell, esp. from fatigue, worry, or suffering

Are your hunting boots in poor shape? Do your toes freeze before you even get to your hunting spot? Can you only ward off frostbite by using packs of toe and foot warmers? That time is over! From Jan 1st, 2013 – Feb 28, 2013, The Hunting Gear Guy is putting on the “Haggard-est Hunting Boots” contest. Submit a picture and a story about your boots and you’re entered for a chance to win a new set of Chippewa Arctic boots! I’ll be selecting the worst looking, best described, real set of hunting boots that gets submitted.


  • The boots coupon was kindly supplied by Chippewa boots and is valid for a pair of their Arctic Boots.
  • Offer valid only for US & Canada
  • I’ll likely do a wrapup post of all the haggard boots that get submitted, so don’t submit your picture or story if you don’t want to be in a post on this website or let me know that you want your submission to be private.


This contest is now closed. See the entries and the winner here: https://www.huntinggearguy.com/general/winner-of-the-haggard-est-hunting-boots-contest/ 

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