Tula Ammo Canada

tula ammo rear of case

You may have noticed TulammoCanada on CanadianGunNutz or in other places. It’s super cheap, steel-cased, non-corrosive ammo from Russia. Within my Service Rifle matches and 3 gun matches, it always bothered me that I was throwing away ~100 well-prepped, reloaded brass cases with every match. For 223 ammo, you’ve got to resize, remove the primer pocket crimp, trim to length, chamfer, it’s a lot of work! With a lack of inexpensive 223 projectiles locally, I was reloading at a cost of around $0.40 per round. While I was searching high and low for cheaper projectiles, I came across TulammoCanada. They had a steel cased, bimetal 55 grain HP bullet, in 223 for around $340 per case of 1000. That’s some easy math: it comes out to $0.34 per round. It’s a lot cheaper in the US, but this is very cheap for Canada. The only competition I know of is the slightly more expensive Wolf ammo from Budget Shooter Supply, and the Norinco CJ95 stuff. I’ve used the Norc stuff before, but I had some primer pockets blow and more case cracks than I feel comfortable with. That brass sucked for reloading anyways, so why was I spending so much time reloading for competition when I could use cheap stuff and not have to worry about cases? I purchased a case of Tula and waited.

Tula boxes

I didn’t have to wait long. They ship via Canpar and while pickups can be a pain in the butt to arrange if you need one, they were very quick shipping to me (less than 1 week.) The 223 comes in 20 round boxes packed fairly well into a larger box. There was some damage to the packaging, but the ammo itself was absolutely fine. One thing to note is that most indoor ranges won’t allow use of bimetal bullets because the steel bullet jacket can cause sparks and they don’t like the risk of fire.

Tula Ammo 223 Accuracy

In both my rifle and my friends rifle, we got ~2.5 MOA groups with 1-2 flyers per group that widened things to 4-5 MOA. My reloaded ammo is more accurate, but it costs more and takes way more of my time.

So, would I buy again? I’ve already ordered another case! For action shooting competition, it’s not worth the time to me to worry about picking up brass and spending all that time prepping. I’d rather use inexpensive steel-cased ammo.

Side of Tula 556 55gr hp Tula ammo in holders  tula headstamp tula hollow point

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