FAB T-POD G2 Foregrip Bipod Review

FAB T-POD G2 right side

FAB T-POD G2 right side

Where I hunt, I’ve got equal opportunity running across a deer on the walk out, or scoping out a field from a ridge. That means I’ve got to be ready for shots anywhere from 40 yards to 450. To accurately reach out to 450, I need a stable platform to shoot from. My prone firing technique is ok, but when I add a bipod I can wait a deer out and keep on target…waiting for it to pause, or just to scope it out and watch what it does. Sometimes, scoping out a deer as it walks towards you will show you where other deer might be, simply by watching where the deer look. It can get a bit tiring holding up the front with your off-hand but with a bipod, I can do it all day long.

Video Review

The FAB Defense T-Pod is a foregrip, also known as a vertical grip, that you mount towards the front of your rifle. They give you a bit more to hold on to, and let you swing your rifle sideways with a bit more control than if you didn’t have one. I wasn’t really looking to add a foregrip to my rifle, but I was looking for a bipod that had a picatinny rail interface to connect with a new rifle stock. There are Harris bipod adapters out there that then let you hook up any sling swivel stud style bipod to your picatinny rail, but it felt like I was adding more weight and losing stability and the quick-disconnect ability of the rail interface. So I poked around some bipods that supported the picatinny rail and found that costs were pretty high. Most picatinny rail bipods were typically durable, battle-ready, expensive bipods out of my price range. The FAB T-Pod came up in searches, and I preferred the fully split, angled nature of it to the Grip Pod. The FAB T-Pod G1 was good, but looked like it lacked a bit on some of the user interfaces. After I saw a video of the G2 in use, I knew that they had taken it beyond just the bare combination foregrip/bipod functionality to add a lot better usability. Moving the activation switch to your thumb, making it one hand collapsible/extendable, better grip, swivel and a bit of cant, etc.

Wolverine Supplies is the exclusive dealer for FAB Defense in Canada, so I ordered directly from the Wolverine site. They’ve also got them in tan and OD green if that suits you better. All in all, this would be a great addition to a tactical rifle or one where you might need to make snap shots. For me, it’s just a decent quality picatinny rail bipod that happens to be a foregrip as well.

FAB Defense T-Pod G2 mounted on a picatinny rail

FAB Defense T-Pod G2 mounted on a picatinny rail

FAB Defense T-POD G2 Review

Reviewed by The Hunting Gear Guy on Mar 27, 2012

A great little foregrip that does a pretty good job at being a bipod too
The FAB Defense T-Pod G2 is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, has high quality components throughout, and provides a solid platform to shoot off. The picatinny rail interface means that connection to the rifle is solid and pretty quick.

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