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I treat this website and YouTube channel as a fun side project, but I get what I feel is a decent amount of traffic. If you’re a dealer or retail outlet and would like to advertise on this site, contact me.

As of this writing (Oct 2016), the website sees 100,000 sessions and 135,000 pageviews per 30 days. 39.9% of that is Canadians, 50.4% Americans, 2.8% Australians.

The YouTube channel sees 121,000 views per 30 days. 56% American, 15% Canadian, 3.6% Australian.

Spring and early summer is typically slower while traffic really ramps up from August->January. (hunting and post-hunting season)

Every month, people spend 6825 hours watching my videos and 4363 hours reading articles on the website.







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